I look and feel downright booty-licious!

I started doing Booty Luv® with my sister 3 years ago and have loved it ever since! With Heather Craig as our Booty Luv® specialist, paired with a soundtrack fit for a night out, my booty moved in ways I didn’t know was possible. Now 3 years later with two Booty Luv® classes per week, I physically cannot do without this class.

It has done wonders for my balance and taught me how to communicate with the one of the largest and most important muscles in my body- my booty!

Aside from all that, I look and feel downright booty-licious! This class has been one for the record books in a number of ways, and has strengthened the bond between my sister and I, as she and I attend classes together regularly. We have loved the changes we see in our bodies, and practice our “booty pops” outside of class all the time! I LOVE BOOTY LUV®!