Booty Luv® Fitness cured my back pain!

Yes! It really did! There are many obviously great reasons to attend Heather’s classes. They are fun, she is hilarious, you get a great workout in a great atmosphere, spurred along by great music mixes and a teacher who is inspiring, a great leader, kind, and enthusiastic. However, for me, there is a much more important and vital reason I never miss her class unless I absolutely have to.

I have struggled with a serious and chronic back injury since the age of 19, and am now 51. I have struggled with repeated bouts of intense back pain, sometimes arising suddenly from “nowhere”, other times as a result of doing some of my most beloved (or less beloved but necessary) activities. Issues with my back, throughout my adult life, have limited me in both the things I do for fun and exercise, as well as day to day maintenance of my home.

Throughout the years I have spent thousands of dollars, and countless hours seeing doctors, specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. I have practiced yoga and pilates with some great (and less great) teachers. While many of these things have been helpful, they never made a significant difference, and some actually made things worse. Finally, I came to one of Heather’s classes.

I knew right away, from the way she gave instructions and feedback that this was someone with extensive knowledge of the body and how it works.

Her classes are an incredible combination of ballet, aerobics, yoga, pilates, and physical therapy exercises, strung together seamlessly, strengthening and lengthening not just your beloved booty, but all the muscle groups which support the back (and even a few more!).

I can’t express deeply enough how thankful I am for Heather and the expertise she brings to her classes. She truly has changed my life in a significant way. She is a precious commodity, so I encourage anyone who is looking either for a great class or who has a back that needs to support to try Booty Luv® Fitness for themselves!”