I was smiling and having a great time!

I started taking Booty Luv® to strengthen my lower body. Knowing I wouldn’t take kindly to working out on machines in a gym, I contacted Heather Craig, Booty Luv® Fitness founder.  I was surprised at how much I loved Booty Luv®, even though at first it was tough for me.

As I was working out my hamstrings, booty, thighs, obliques, and the hard-to-target smaller muscle groups, I was smiling and having a great time!

The sequences are truly inventive, challenging, and super fun, while still being safe for the joints.

Booty Luv® will push you to drop lower, engage more fully, and laugh louder – because the energy and fun-loving environment Booty Luv® creates is infectious!  Not to mention the one-of-a-kind mixes we get to groove out to!

The moves are timed perfectly with our movements, so it’s easy to get “lost” in the music and bass.  All in all, Booty Luv® is the best, most well-curated, thoughtful, and challenging workout I have ever had!