I love the “booty breakdowns™”

I began taking Heather Craig’s Booty Luv® classes as a supplement to all the other physical activities I was doing (running, futbol, and yoga). It only took one class to become a believer and one year later I still go to Booty Luv® twice a week.

Heather makes exercising challenging but FUN with her upbeat music, booty-kicking moves and infectious personality. Booty Luv® has lots of variety and makes you work really hard, but is still appropriate for all levels because she stresses moving at your own pace.

Booty Luv® combines cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility, utilizing your booty, hips, thighs and abs- all the parts that women desire to focus on! I love the “booty breakdowns™”, where we do provocative moves because as Heather says, “why not?”