Meet Heather

Heather Craig, Booty Luv® Fitness Founder, has been an avid dancer and exerciser her whole life.  After spending about a decade traveling the world as a yoga instructor, raver, artist’s model, and fire performer, she created Booty Luv® in 2010.  Using her background in yoga, Pilates, barre, functional training, and dance, she created a fusion class that is all about dirty bass, female empowerment, and booty.  An avid feminist and environmentalist, Heather believes that when we feel great in our bodies, we do great things in the world.  Booty Luv® Fitness was a way to unite dirty dancing, fitness, and electronic music- and inspire community the same way the rave scene has for her adult life.  She knows not everyone loves to exercise, and so created a program to make it FUN.  Go ahead- lift, tone, and tighten your best asset with your best girlfriends.  Learn to “luv” your booty, hips, and core for what they can do- and then be stoked on how they look, too!

  • learn how to shake, pop, and drop that booty!
  • lift, tone, and tighten the glutes, hips, and thighs
  • improve balance and flexibility
  • increase range of motion in hips
  • ease low back, knee and hip pain through strong core engagement
  • varying speeds of movement and exercises help burn fat as fuel
  • improve core strength
  • establish muscle engagement around joints to improve overall strength