Work it. Luv it. Get it.

“Shape What your Mama Gave Ya™” with a FUN combination of yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, barre, functional movement, and “booty breakdowns™!” The moves are simple, fun, guaranteed to leave you sweaty and sore in all the right places.
Backed by original Booty Luv® Fitness mixes from West Coast underground electronic producers, this class will get your heart pumping and booty bumping!

Benefits of Booty Luv® Fitness

Lift, tone and tighten your best asset™

Learn how to shake, pop, and drop that booty

Improve balance and flexibility

Ease low back, knee, and hip pain through strong core engagement

Varying speeds of movement and exercise help burn fat as fuel

Improve core strength

Build confidence and coordination

Perfect cross- training for cyclists, runners, and desk jockeys

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